inspecco certification and inspection services about
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade - International Inspection
  • European Commission - Nando Notified Body 2459
  • Turkish Accreditation Agency - TURKAK Accredited
  • IAS Accredited Management System Certification Body


INSPECCO is your accredited international service provider for compliance services, including certification, inspection, measurement, and training services.

Our certification and inspection services strengthen business relationships and increase the international trade capabilities of manufacturers and traders. INSPECCO’s measurement services enable manufacturers of all kinds to obtain expert analyses of technical parameters for quality improvement purposes. Our training services empower companies of all sizes with the knowledge needed to grow their business via optimized systems of management, marketing, manufacturing, and more.

INSPECCO serves companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Asian-Pacific region. Based in Turkey, we are the global solution partner of TSE (Turkish Standard Institute), thus giving us the special ability to assist companies around the world in obtaining the TSE certifications required to export their products to Turkey.

INSPECCO’s services are made up of four divisions:

  • Certification – Including Product Certification (i.e. CE Marking, TSE Certification, etc.), System Certification (i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.), and Personnel Certification (i.e. welder certifications including TS EN 287-1, TS EN ISO 9606-1, etc.)
  • Inspections & Audits – Including quality assurance services for buyers/traders, product owners, producers, contractors, and insurance companies
  • Training – Including training for auditors, inspectors, manufacturers, skilled workers, laboratories, and more
  • Testing – Including work safety measurements, energy efficiency measurements, electrical safety measurements, and carbon footprint measurements/calculations
We are constantly expanding our service scope and offering customized services to suit our clients’ needs. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, to ensure that we benefit their business as much as possible.
inspecco certification and inspection
inspecco certification and inspection
inspecco certification and inspection
inspecco certification and inspection
inspecco certification and inspection
Mission & Vision



Our Mission:

We aim to be the most competitive and productive service provider available to our clients. We aim to maximize benefits to our clients in terms of cost, reliability, safety, quality, scheduling and warranty.

Our philosophy ensures that the owner receives the most cost-effective engineering support in today’s highly competitive industry.

Our Vision:

We strive to become the most efficient service provider available to our clients, offering services to our clients that meets their needs and beyond no matter where in the world they are located or what their industry is.