What does certification involve & why might I want to become certified?
Becoming certified enables your customers, authorities and/or partners to see that your products, systems and/or personnel are in compliance with national and international standards and regulations. Becoming certified can expand your business capabilities and add a new level of trust between you and your business affiliates.

What types of certification services does INSPECCO offer & which one is applicable to me?
Our certification services are divided into three categories. Click on one of the categories to learn more :

  • Product Certification: If you are a manufacturer… you may be interested in our Product Certification services. The certification of your products involves proving that your product complies with certain standards and/or legislation required for the trade of your product.
  • System Certification: If you are a business owner or manager… you may be interested in our System Certification (also called “Management System Certification”) services. System Certification involves proving that a given Management System within your company complies with its associated standard (i.e. ISO 9001, etc.) — such compliance is often required for companies to gain the trust of their customers.
  • Personnel Certification: If you are a welder or welding contractor… you may be interested in our Personnel Certification services. We offer certification services for welding personnel, which involves proving that a welder can weld and/or prepare related documentation according to a given welding standard.

How can I apply or learn more?
If you need more detailed information than what is provided on our website, such as what you need to prepare to become certified, you contact one of our representatives via the contact form below or attend one of our certification-related training programs that fit your profile.