CE mark is a key symbol showing that the products can move freely within the European Union and that the products comply with the European Union legislation.

Attaching the CE mark on the produced product, the manufacturer declares that the products meets with all relevant legal requirements and these can be released on the market within the European Economic Area.

The CE mark is not a sign that the product was produced in the EU. However, it indicates that the product has been evaluated before being released on the market, verified the required minimum conformity and, if necessary, its products have been subjected to inspection by “notified bodies”.

Ensure the conformity of the product, prepare the technical file, make a declaration of conformity and attach the CE mark on the product is the manufacturer’s responsibility. Distributors of the product must have verify that the both required supporting documents and the CE mark is there. Whenever the product is imported from outside the EU countries, the importer has to verify that the manufacturer fulfil the required conditions and the sufficient documentation is available.

Inspecco as a Notified Body

Inspecco has appointed as a Notified Body with 2459 ID number by the EU commission. We provide the services to our customers for examination, testing and approval the products. The documents which issued by Inspecco are valid in all EU countries.

Why Inspecco?

We provide fast service for our customers, so they gain an advantage in a competitive environment.

You can reach all services related to your product from a single point.

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We are the Notified Body with the 2459 ID number. The certificates which we issued are valid in all European countries.

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You can contact us to obtain the CE certificate and proof the conformity of your product.