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How does CE Marking work for machinery & why might you need it?
The machinery production industry is a core element of the mechanical engineering sector and one of Europe’s largest industries, consisting of 170,000 companies and 3.3 million people. The EU is the world’s leading producer and exporter of machinery, accounting for around one third of the world market.

Due to the inherent dangers associated with machinery operation, minimizing the risk of machinery-related accidents has become an essential element of EU policy. To implement such risk reduction across the EEA, the European Commission has introduced the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) standard which defines the standards machinery must comply with to earn CE marking privileges.

The Machinery Directive scope includes machinery, interchangeable equipment, safety components, lifting accessories, chains, ropes and webbing for lifting purposes and removable mechanical transmission devices. Annex I of the Directive defines the essential health and safety requirements for the products covered. An amendment to the Directive was introduced in 2009 (enforced as of 2011) for pesticide application machinery, in order to require such machinery to minimize the unintended dispersal of pesticides in the environment.

What CE Marking services can INSPECCO offer?
INSPECCO has been authorized to perform CE marking conformity assessment INSPECCO - Nando Notified Body (NOBO) Number 2459 for CE Marking Product Certificationservices via the European Commission, as Nando Notified Body number 2459.

Our the Machinery Directive (MD) Nando notification authorize us to perform conformity assessment services per the MD for the following products described in Annex 4 of the MD:

  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Presses

We are also able to perform assessment of conformity services for machinery (per the MD) not included in Annex 4.

How to apply or learn more?
Fill out the application form below, and an INSPECCO representative will reply with a quotation and instructions on what else you need to provide us to serve you.