The Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) covers a wide range of products with a maximum allowable pressure of 0.5 bar and above. These products are widely used in the process industry such as oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, food, beverage, in the high-temperature processing industries such as glass, paper, wood, power generation.

It is aimed to design, manufacture and market pressurized equipment at a high safety level.

The CE mark on products designed and manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directives shows that the products have a high level of safety and ensures the free circulation of these products in the market.

basınçlı ekipmanlar ce pressure equipment
ce 2459 notified body

Generally, the following conditions are expected to be met:

  • Products should be safe
  • Meeting the mandatory safety requirements of the directive, including the design, manufacturing and testing stages,
  • Implementing the correct conformity assessment processes
  • CE marking on the product
  • Providing documentation with sufficient information

Inspecco services for CE marking of the Pressure Equipment

Inspecco is Notified Body No. 2459 authorized to assess and certify the conformity of Pressure Equipment. It provides certification services for all products covered by the directive.

We provide the following supports to manufacturers during the certification process:

  • Determination of Pressure Equipment Class
  • Selection of suitable modules
  • All services required from design review to certification

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