What is ISO 3834-2 & why might you want to become ISO 3834-2 certified?
It is a standard for manufacturers involved in welding to determine the proper quality specifications based on fusion welding methods for metallic materials via ISO 3834-2.

This standard is solely about the quality of the product that may be affected by welding or welding-related processes. Its basic rules provide guidance for determining quality specifications necessary for production containing welding, and designating welding capacity of manufacturers who will produce their goods in accordance with the specified quality standard(s). ISO 3834-2 can be used as a basic for the evaluation of welding quality systems of the manufacturers.

iso 3834-2

Additionally, welding affects the production costs and quality. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the welding is performed in the most efficient way, and to make the proper controls at each level of the process.

For production containing welding, the controls should be done by destructive or nondestructive tests, starting at design phase and continuing with materials selection, disposables selection, training of welding coordination personnel, certification of welding workers, designation of welding methods, and manufacturing.

Application of entire activities and implementation of the traceability policy within the entity features the practice for the product within the quality management system, and proves the efficiency of this standard over manufacturers.

How can you apply or learn more?
To apply or request more information about ISO 3834-2 certification you can contact one of our specialists directly via the contact form below.