Our workflow, showing the inspections and audits done at each stage of the purchasing process for traders/buyers:

Installation and Assembly Inspection for Buyers and Traders with INSPECCO Supplier Selection Audits Extensive Quality Audit Simple Quality Audit Social Audit Environmental Audit Pre-Production Inspection Pre-Production Inspection Production Inspections Production Monitoring First Article Inspection During Production Inspection Defect Inspection Shipment Preparation Inspections Packing Inspection Pre-Shipment Inspection Defect Inspection Loading Inspection Letter of Credit Inspection Product Arrival Inspections Unloading Inspection Letter of Credit Inspection Installation and Assembly Inspection

Installation and Assembly Inspections include the installation and assembly of the product manufactured on behalf of the customer at the manufacturer’s factory and/or at the assembly area in accordance with the project, including fast and safe reporting and perceiving and resolving possible problems about the products.

This service includes production and implementation controls of all types of lifting equipment, steel structures, water platforms, fuel storage tanks, and power plants in accordance to their projects, including making the necessary tests and reporting and certificating services.

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