Our workflow, showing the inspections and audits done at each stage of the purchasing process for traders/buyers:

Letter of Credit Inspection During Product Shipment Arrival for Buyers and Traders with INSPECCOSupplier Selection AuditsExtensive Quality AuditSimple Quality AuditSocial AuditEnvironmental AuditPre-Production InspectionPre-Production InspectionProduction InspectionsProduction MonitoringFirst Article InspectionDuring Production InspectionDefect InspectionShipment Preparation InspectionsPacking InspectionPre-Shipment InspectionDefect InspectionLoading InspectionLetter of Credit InspectionProduct Arrival InspectionsUnloading InspectionLetter of Credit InspectionInstallation and Assembly Inspection

What is Letter of Credit?
Letter of Credit (L/C) is the most commonly used payment method in foreign trade. Using this payment method, before a buyer transfers money to a seller, one of the documents that the bank requires is the certificate given by an independent third-party inspection company. This certificate indicates the compliance of the quality, amount and packing of the product within contract terms, and guarantees that the buyer receives the product order(s) with the required quality.

What is a Letter of Credit Inspection?

Letter of Credit Inspections are required for such Letter of Credit transactions to take place.

We offer Letter of Credit Inspections during loading and/or unloading. It involves checking the related documentation to help you ensure that the Letter of Credit transaction is valid for the given order.

Where are inspections performed?
Inspections are offered at loading and unloading locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

How can you apply or learn more?
To request more information about this inspection, obtain a free quotation, or apply for an audit, please click contact us via the contact form below.