What is Project Monitoring & why might I need it as a contractor?

INSPECCO offers independent third-party project supervision/inspection activities that include project evaluations, safety grading, quality control during construction, expert opinion and analysis, performance of measurement and tests in terms of technical parameters of many industrial plants.

Common ground of these activities is to ensure the intended quality. This can be achieved primarily by thorough inspections and measurements for quality improvement. Not only the measurement of sizes and technical parameters, but the safety and design of the plant is evaluated. A high quality product is the result of the cooperation of manufacturers, customers and an independent inspection company.


What controls are included in Project Monitoring?

  • Control of design calculations
  • ITP plan preparations
  • Material control
  • Field control
  • Production control
  • Supervision of performance tests (load test, hydrostatic test, etc.)
  • Supervision to start-up tests
  • Control of quality files
  • Shipment control

Where is Project Monitoring offered?
The Project Monitoring services mentioned above are carried out throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, at the following sites:

  • Pipeline (water, natural gas, and petroleum) construction sites
  • Steel construction sites
  • Bridge construction sites
  • Airports
  • Harbors
  • Crane assembly sites
  • Railroads and stations
  • Chemical plants
  • Crude oil plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Steam generator plants
  • Gas turbine plants
  • Wind power plants
  • Hydraulic assembly sites
  • Pressure vessel assembly sites
  • Space frame assembly sites

How to apply or learn more?
To request more information about our Project Monitoring services or to obtain a free quotation, you can contact one of our specialists directly via the contact form below.