What is Emergency Planning & Risk Management & why might I need it as a producer?

Risk management is the integrated application of  procedures designed to eliminate risks within organizations in an economic manner.

INSPECCO carries out the planning, organization, risk evaluation and risk identification of the Emergency Plan by qualified personnel using international methods (i.e. HAZOP). The final report provides significant advantages in minimizing risks.

INSPECCO does not consider single certification and risk analysis sufficient. We enable organizations to perceive and  manage the ever-changing risks related to their operations via Progressive Risk Analysis.

Our inspectors review the operation of each plant(s)/equipment. Upon review, a plan is developed to optimize maintenance procedures, while taking security and economic factors into account. Solutions are presented via recognized industrial applications.


What services are included?
Services provided separately and within the context of emergency planning and risk management include:

  • Reliability and Compliance Management
  • Inspection and Maintenance Management
  • Corrosion Management
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Renewal of Procedures
  • Evaluation of Audit Periods
  • Evaluation of Present Condition
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Periodic Risk Evaluations
  • Certification renewals
  • HSE Audit/Training
  • Audit for Fire Safety Systems
  • Active and Passive Fire Training
  • Work at Height Training
  • Control of Project and Design Compliance for Fire Systems

Where is Emergency Planning & Risk Management offered?
These services are carried out on-site throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

How to apply or learn more?
To request more information about our Project Monitoring services or to obtain a free quotation, you can contact one of our specialists directly via the contact form below.