Why might you need an Inspection as a product owner or user?
The safe operation of some products (i.e. elevators, lifting equipment, etc.) is crucial to their usage and sometimes required by law. The failure of such products can result in catastrophic incidences and sometimes even death. To help ensure that failure does not occur in these product and that safe operation is maintained throughout their lifetime, periodic inspections, or “controls”, are needed to ensure that all mechanisms are maintained in an ideal way.

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What products do we offer periodic control inspections for?

  • Lifting Equipment — Including: Forklifts, Chain hoists, Cranes, Platforms, Vehicle Lifts, and Pallets
  • Pressure Equipment — Including: Compressors, Air Tanks, Road Tanker Tanks, and Flammable / Hazardous Substances Storage Tanks, etc.
  • Elevators — Including: Electric Elevators and Hydraulic Elevators
  • Boilers

Where are inspections performed?
We perform periodic control inspections on site throughout Turkey.

Why choose INSPECCO?
INSPECCO is TS EN ISO/IEC 17020 accredited by TURKAK, Turkey’s national accreditation body, to perform all of the aforementioned periodic control inspection services.