What is a carbon footprint?
An organization’s carbon footprint is a measurement of their human activity -based environmental damage, quantified by the amount of greenhouse gases the organization emits. More specifically, the result is defined as “unit carbon dioxide“.


What is included in our Carbon Footprint Analysis services?
This service includes an assessment (on site or off site, depending upon the case) of an organization’s carbon emissions, made up by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases assessment. All related activities that the company has are examined in detail. Activity-based greenhouse gas emission inventory is extracted and the results are reported according to ISO 14064 standard.

Why might an organization need a carbon footprint analysis?
By calculating one’s carbon footprint, you can monitor the energy consumption of your organization, take the attention of institutional investors, add prestige to your company, check conformance with current regulations, and prepare for new regulations. Knowing an organization’s carbon footprint also enables them to participate in carbon credit activities.

Where are these services offered?
Typically an on site visit is required to visit the organization’s facility and assess all sources of carbon emissions. INSPECCO has personnel able to visit facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

For companies that simply want a verification of their carbon emissions as a result of their self-declared carbon emission -related activities, we also offer off-site analysis, which includes an assessment of carbon emissions via technical documentation.

How can you apply or learn more?
To apply, obtain a free quotation, or request more information about our Carbon Footprint Analysis services, you can contact us via the contact form below.