What systems do we offer energy efficiency testing for?

INSPECCO measures and reports energy efficiency for machines, tools, equipment, electrical panels, working environments, and more.

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Who do we offer Energy Efficiency Testing for and why might you need it?

Energy Efficiency Testing has become a very useful and often mandatory service for many industry professionals.

Manufacturers (of machines, tools, equipment, electrical panels, etc.) often need an independent testing body such as INSPECCO to verify the energy efficiency of their products for their customers or to ensure that they comply with energy efficiency regulations.

We also recommend manufacturers and other industrial sites with high rates of energy consumption to choose INSPECCO to test the energy efficiency of their working environment. These services, especially when combined with a full Energy Efficiency Inspection, can reveal areas in your working environment with the highest energy saving potential. Following up with these services by making steps to reducing your organization’s energy consumption can help your organization save costs and reduce its environmental footprint.

How and where do we perform Energy Efficiency Testing?

Testing is offered on-site or, for some products, at our laboratory locations. Tests and measurements are executed according to the Directive of Increasing Efficiency in Usage of Energy and Energy Resources (Turkish and EU Legislation) (25.10.2008).

Depending upon the product being tested, our Energy Efficiency Testing services can include the following:

  • Measurement of Flue Gas Components and Temperature by Flue Gas Analyzer
  • Temperature Measurement with Thermal Camera
  • Speed and Flow Measurement in Pipes with Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Steam Trap Testing
  • Analysis of Electric Power with Energy Analyzer
  • Determination of Conductivity in Water
  • Low and High Temperature Measurements with Infrared Temperature Meters
  • Determination of Thermal Conductivity
  • Mechanical Speed Measurements
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurements
  • Ambient Light Measurement with Luxmeter
  • Noise Measurements with Sound Level Meter
  • Mechanical Vibration Measurements

How to apply or learn more?

To apply, obtain a free quotation, or request more information about these testing services, you can contact us via the contact form below.