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Factory Inspection and Audit Workflow for Buyers and Traders with INSPECCO Tedarikçi Seçimi Denetimleri Kapsamlı Kalite Denetim Basit Kalite Denetim Sosyal Denetim Çevre Denetimi Ön Üretim Kontrol Ön Üretim Kontrol Üretim Denetimleris İmalat Gözetimleri İlk Madde Muayene Üretim Sırasında Muayene Hata Kontrolu Yükleme Hazırlı Kontrolu Ambalaj Kontrolu Yükleme Öncesi Kontrolu Yükleme Gözetimleri Hata Kontrolu L/C Tarafsız Gözetim Ürün Geliş Kontrolu Boşaltma Gözetimleri Kurulum ve Montaj Kontrolu L/C Tarafsız Gözetim

What is the First Article Inspection & why might you need one?

The First Article Inspection is typically performed right after the manufacturer starts producing your first mass production samples.

A First Article Inspection will help you resolve any production problems that might exist at the beginning stage of manufacturing. This inspection is especially important if a Pre-Production Inspection was not performed.

What do we check during a First Article Inspection?

  • Understanding of your demands by the factory
  • Status and quantity of the raw materials and components used in the production
  • First production samples according to your approved samples or specifications
  • Production schedule and production processes control
  • Quality control

Where are inspections performed?

We perform First Article Inspections at supplier factories throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

How can you apply or learn more?

To request more information about this audit, obtain a free quotation, or apply for an audit, please click contact us via the contact form below.