Purpose of the Training:
This training is intended to introduce the necessary information to participants and to strengthen information with practice, in order to establish an internal audit system for ensuring the compliance of the company’s Environmental Management System with the requirements of ISO 14001, and to plan and practice audits.

environmental management

Training Content:
• Environmental management systems and standards
• Environmental audit standards
• Recall of ISO 14001 (summary)
• Definition of environmental audit
• Qualifications of auditor
• Preparation for audit
• Execution of audit
• Reporting of audit and tracking of results
• Application

Training Method:
Participants are split into groups to discuss the cases, and sample audit applications are carried out.  Opportunities to evaluate mistakes and develop application skills are given.  The performance of participants is continuously monitored during training. After training, the knowledge of participants is evaluated via an examination. Upon successful completion of the training, high-scoring participants are issued INSPECCO Training Achievement Certificates, while other participants are issued INSPECCO Training Participation Certificates.

No prerequisite knowledge or experience is required.