Purpose of the Training:
This training is intended to give its participants the ability to carry out internal GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) applications and audits in line with the GMP concept.

Training Content:

  • Definition of GMP and related terms
  • Premises qualifications and environmental conditions
  • Equipment
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Manufacturing and process control
  • Cleanliness practices
  • HACCP system principles
  • GMP audits
gmp training

Training Method:
Training notes regarding the subject are distributed to participants. Training is supported with application examples by the participants. INSPECCO GMP Training Participation Certificates are issued to participants upon successful completion of the training.

No prerequisite knowledge or experience is required.

How to apply or learn more?
To apply, obtain a free quotation, or request more information about our GMP Training services, you can contact us via the contact form below.