To provide auditors with the necessary knowledge and skills to competently conduct third party assessments of food safety management systems.


This course includes modules AU (Management Systems Auditing), FS (Auditing Food Safety Management Systems) and TL (Leading Management Systems Audit Teams) (Exemplar Global TPECS). Recognition of prior learning will be awarded for Modules AU and TL if they have been completed within the previous three years.


HACCP Training or equivalent experience with HACCP Plans.


5 days or 2½ days if Modules AU and TL have been completed previously.


Exemplar Global certified (FS799) – Exemplar Global Certificate via partnership with JLB.

food safety


This Course is in module format such that the first two days provide an introduction to auditing management systems and focuses on the skills required for auditing (Module AU). The third and fourth days focus on ISO 22000, food safety and HACCP specific issues, particularly relevant to external auditing (Module FS). The fifth day is focused on lead auditor specific requirements and the certification process (Module TL), followed by the exam.

Days 1 & 2: 
Module AU – ‘Management Systems Auditing’:

  • Quality, history of QMS & QMS documentation
  • Continual improvement
  • Standards & ISO 9001
  • The audit process
  • Communication skills
  • Roles, responsibilities and skills of an auditor
  • Developing questions.
  • ISO 19011
  • Planning audits & reviewing documentation
  • Audit reports and corrective action
  • Auditor techniques
  • Process based auditing and sampling
  • Role play – dummy internal audit

Day 3 & 4:
Module FS – ‘Auditing Food Safety Management Systems’:

  • Food Standards Code, Food Safety Standards
  • Recent developments
  • Hazards to food safety & identifying hazards
  • Principles of HACCP & HACCP documentation
  • HACCP Plans & HACCP verification
  • ISO 22000 in detail
  • Role play – dummy external audit

Day 5:
Module TL – ‘Leading Management Systems Audit Teams’:

  • The certification process
  • Lead auditor skills, abilities and Code of Conduct
  • Legal/ethical aspects of auditing
  • JAS-ANZ and Exemplar Global.

Training courses are offered onsite at INSPECCO locations or at client offices.

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