Purpose of the Training:

This training is intended to give participants the background knowledge needed to ensure healthy and safe work environments via taking measures to decrease occupational accidents and illnesses, inform the staff about legal rights and responsibilities, introduce  occupational hazards and necessary measures to be cautioned, create awareness about occupational health and safety and learn appropriate health and safety behaviors.

Training Content:

  • General rules of occupational health and safety
  • Reasons for occupational accidents and illnesses and risks at workplaces
  • Principles of protection against accidents, wounding and illnesses, and application of protection techniques
  • Safe usage of work equipment
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of employees
  • Legislation and related information
  • Building safe environments and systems in workplaces
  • Personal protective equipment usage
  • Working with screen equipment
  • Warning signs
  • Risks arising from chemical, physical and biological substances
  • Hygiene and order
  • Fire and fire protection
  • Thermal comfort conditions
  • Ergonomics
  • Electricity, hazards, risks and measures
  • First aid / rescue

Training Method:

Training notes regarding the subject are distributed to participants. Training is supported with application examples by participants. INSPECCO Occupational Health and Safety Training Participation Certificates are issued to participants upon successful completion of the training.


No prerequisite knowledge or experience is required.

How to apply or learn more?

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