What is Product Certification & why might I want to certify my product?

Product certification is an official designation that a given product you manufacture complies with a given standard or legislation as required to trade your product within a given market. Becoming certified can expand your trade capabilities into new markets and add a new level of trust between you and your business affiliates.

What type(s) of product certification applies to me?

The type of product certifications we offer are specific to the product type and the market that you wish to have your product traded in. We offer five types of product certification for manufacturers. Click one of the product certification categories below to learn more:

  • CE Marking: This certification is required or obligatory (depending upon the directive) for many products sold within the European Economic Area
  • TSE Certification: This certification is required for products sold within Turkey Type Approval: This certification is required/obligated to sell many products in various countries and is specific to the given country.
  • EN 10204-1 3.2 Material Certificate: Many buyers/traders require manufacturers to obtain this certification before purchasing from them.
  • Container Inspection and Certification: Many buyers/traders and manufacturers require their transporters to obtain this certification.

How can I apply or learn more?

If you want to apply quickly or simply want to ask us some questions, you contact contact one of our representatives via the contact form below. Contact Form