The usage area of gas appliances is quite wide and they meet some essential needs of people such as cooking, heating, producing hot water, cooling and lighting.

Gas Appliances Regulation 2016/426 / EU (GAR) was published by the European Commission on 31 March 2016 and the transition process has become a mandatory provision in EU countries as of 21 April 2018. The GAR, the new regulation, contains the basic.

appliances burning gaseous fuels

The GAR, the new regulation, contains the basic requirements for a device or equipment to be put on the EU market. Its purpose is the free-moving of gas appliances and equipment safely and reliably on the EU market.

Inspecco provides tests and certification services according to GAR  as a Notified Body to show the products are safe and can be put on the market.


What’s new with GAR

  • With the activation of the GAR Regulation on 21.04.2018, the validity of all the documents obtained from the 2009/142 / AT GAD regulation, which was the old regulation, ended. The EC Type Examination certificates issued in the old regulation without a time limit are also valid.
  • 1050C maximum operating temperature limit has been removed in the GAR Regulation.
  • While preparing their technical files, manufacturers have to make a Risk Analysis of the product in accordance with the basic requirements of the new regulation on the product.
  • In the new GAR Regulation, it has become mandatory to attach “CE” mark to the equipment.
  • Apart from manufacturers, distributors and retailers have also been assigned responsibilities regarding the “CE” mark.
  • CO – Carbon monoxide limits have become mandatory for all devices with or without flues.
  • With the new GAR Regulation, the Flame Control Device has become mandatory for applicable devices.
  • For gas appliances containing electrical components and supplies, LVD and EMC compliance reports must be made available by the manufacturer.

Examples of products covered by GAR

  • Domestic cooking appliances burning gas
    – Stoves
    – Ovens
  • Professional Kitchen Equipment burning gas
    – Open flame burner
    – Wok
    – Cooker
    – Convection oven
    – Combined convection oven (steaming)
    – Steaming oven
    – Boiling pan
    – Fryer
    – Bulk water boiler
    – Salamander
    – Rotisserie
    – Brat pan
    – Paella cooker
    – Barbecue
    – Lava Stones
    – Grill
    – Pasta cooker
  • Gas-fired heating boilers
  • Gas fired central heating boilers
  • Forced draught burner
  • Water Heaters
  • Regulators
  • Gas taps and valves with safety valve (excluding EN 331 Ball Valves)
  • Command and control devices for gas fired heating and cooking devices,
  • Patio heater
  • Camping Stoves
  • Independed gas fired convection heaters
  • Non-domestic gas-fired overhead luminous radiant heaters
  • Domestic and non-domestic gas-fired forced convection air heaters for space heating etc.

You can contact us to certify your product is compatible with GAR and to get an advantage for the EU and Turkey markets.