It is compulsory for Personal Protective Equipment products to have the CE mark on, in accordance with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.

What is a PPE?
PPE is a personal protective equipment that protects the user against health or safety risks. PPE are such as; respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and masks, eye and face protection, disposable coveralls, gloves, safety helmets, hazardous clothing, high visibility work clothing, safety shoes, safety belts, sun and heat protection equipment, ear plugs, ear protector items .

The PPE regulation does not cover the following products:

  • The ordinary work clothes or uniforms which are not designed to ensure the health and safety of workers
  • Clothes provided for the purpose of Food hygiene
  • Equipment used for protection while traveling on a public road (such as motorbike or bicycle helmets)
  • The equipment  used during competitive sports contests
  • Self-defense or deterrent equipment used as offensive weapons. (For example, batons used by the police or army, etc.)
  • Portable devices used to ascertain risk and exposure such as Radiation detection instruments or personal gas detectors
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Why is PPE important?
In case of being not able to eliminate a risk or having fails to take action against the source of that risk, in working environment, PPE must be used by the employees as a last resort. In other words, using these equipment can be performed when the danger -at issue- cannot be removed or cannot be 100% taken under control. It should not be forgotten that; PPE protects only the person who uses it.

​In the context of the control measure implemented as a last resort, PPE has a critical importance, as it plays an important role in preventing and reducing many occupational diseases, and the risk of death and injury, if it is used correctly.

Why should PPE have CE mark?
First of all, it should be known that CE marking is a legal requirement in such equipment. But even the more important thing is, when the PPE does not have the quality expected from them for protection against health and safety risks, then the users’ lives are put at risk.

People who are unaware that they are using ineligible PPE products, feel themselves in safe, thus it causes them get more effected by the exposed danger.

Therefore, it has great importance to be declared by the manufacturer that the equipment is produced in accordance with the relevant standards and the required tests must be done to prove this status.

​When the equipment is certified by a third-party certification body, then this certificate will reveal that the necessary conditions are provided and the continuity of the quality in production is ensured. Thus, it will be easily understood that the product having the CE mark on, meets the expected conditions.

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