The EN 15085 standard is using to describe the welding process of railway vehicles and components. The organizations which realizing the production, repair and/or revision of the railway vehicles and parts must have the EN 15085-2 certificate.

EN 15085-2 certificate shows that the welded manufacturing, welding coordinators, welders and welding operators are meet the specified requirements of the international standards. Certification company which providing EN 15085- 2 certification services must have authorized by Accredited Body according to EN ISO 17065 standard.

Relationship between EN 15085 and EN ISO 3834

According to the EN 15085-2 standard, the quality requirements of the manufacturer who realise the welded production of railway vehicles, their components and sub-assemblies are determined according to the EN ISO 3834 standards. Thus the certification according to EN 15085 must be together with EN ISO 3834.

The standard occur of 5 sections in total as below;

  • EN 15085-1 General
  • Quality Characteristics and Certification of EN 15085-2 Welding Manufacturer
  • EN 15085-3 Design Features
  • EN 15085-4 Manufacturing Rules
  • EN 15085-5 Inspection, Testing and Documentation

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EN 15085 DEMİR YOLU ARAÇ VE BİLEŞENLERİNİN KAYNAK İŞLEMİ EN 15085 Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components