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What is an Extensive Factory Audit & why might you need one?

Our Extensive Factory Audit is performed at the Supplier Selection stage. Having at least one Supplier Selection Audit is recommended if you are dealing with a new supplier for the first time to ensure you know who you are dealing with before you do business with them.

Our Extensive Factory Audit is our most thorough quality criteria check at the Supplier Selection stage. It includes checking quality criteria in-depth per ISO 9001. The audit is typically two days long and it can greatly help in ensuring that you choose a supplier that is right for you. A more simple and economical version of this audit, ideal for smaller companies, is our Simple Factory Audit (SFA).

What do we check during an Extensive Factory Audit?

Depending upon your specific needs/requests, we can check the following:

  • Suppliers of Incoming Materials
  • Quality Control of Incoming Materials
  • Production Layout & Organization
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Final Quality Control (FQC)
  • Instruments & Machines
  • Prevention of Problems
  • Documentation Verification (licenses, certificates etc.)

Where are audits performed?

We perform Extensive Factory Audits at supplier factories throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

How can you apply or learn more?

To request more information about this audit, obtain a free quotation, or apply for an audit, please click contact us via the contact form below.

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